Choosing the Right Clothes for You

Confidence is feeling good about yourself and liking what you see in a mirror, and definitely clothes can help with this if worn properly. Wearing good clothes will boost your carriage and give you a better poise.

One mistake that people make when choosing to buy clothes is the bad or wrong fit. The appearance will change a person’s look entirely. It is always best to get clothes that are not too tight or too loose to fit your body, so it is your guide to look at your vertical lines and consider your proportions. Considering your lines sometimes do the trick and it works.

The next factor to consider in choosing the right clothes is to find clothes that will emphasize your best features. Thin fabrics always give a slimming figure, but you need something for underneath. Carefully choose your accessories for each outfit that you wear. Too many accessories can be inappropriate so check your accessories for balance.

Have good underwear with your clothes. A good bra will be able to help you get a good shape, especially one that emphasizes the chest.

To keep your clothes looking great, make sure that the clothes you buy are made of good quality materials as these are the ones that last.  To keep your clothes around for years, try to avoid the hip and trendy fashions for the basic pieces. This way, you will always have the basics to work with and you can just add trendy footwear and accessories with the changing seasons.

Getting the right look does not always have to mean getting the trendiest clothes, you just know what’s the right look for you.

Clothes for Your Body Type

Sure, you like shopping for clothes especially when you want to keep up with the latest trends and make yourself feel better. While the choices are endless when it comes to color, cut, material and style, what you need to know is how to shop for clothes that will suit your body type. Here are some tips.

Body types differ for any women –circle (thick around the middle), rectangle (curve less from shoulder to legs), triangle (larger bottom), and hourglass (curvy and well proportioned).  You have to know your body type so that you will know what areas you can improve through proper clothing and the clothes to avoid.

For circle shaped, shop for clothes that fit loosely on the midsection and snugly elsewhere. Avoid those that catch attention in your midsection like belts, high-rise pants, and waist-tight tops. If you are rectangle shaped, go for ones that fit snugly at your middle with a flare at the bottom and do not wear dresses that either too tight or flowy. If your body is triangle shaped, avoid shapeless and oversized sweaters, and skirts with curve-hugging fabric such as silk. For the hourglass body type, do not wear tunics, oversize cardigans, and baby doll dresses.

Sources are a many that can help you identify which type your body falls in and they can help you which works for you best. Remember that whatever shape you have, there is a perfect piece of clothing just for you!